gilles denis

ISKGA Coastal Guide (P)


Telephone: +32 497 14 55 82

Base of operation: Brussels (BEL) / Narsaq (Greenland)

Gilles is an adventurer at heart. He developed his love for the outdoors and the mountains at an early age, but it is in 2008 that he discovered his true passion while on a one month long exploration of the high Canadian Arctic: long-term expeditions in the wildest and most remote corners of the planet. Since then he accumulated experience as a self-taught polar explorer and climber. In the summer of 2016 he started guiding hiking and glacier tours in Southern Greenland and has been working there since. It is in Greenland that he discovered sea kayaking and its great potential for long-term autonomous expeditions: immediately he took on training at the Sea Kayaking Cornwall center in UK. He then completed his ISKGA Coastal Guide training in the winter of 2018 at SKC with a quick and sharp progression. In April 2020 he plans to launch on a large-scale six months long polar expedition in Greenland: crossing the inlandsis for 600 km along the Arctic Circle; kayaking 1000 km along the desolated East coast to the Cap Farewell; and, establish a new Big Wall trad climbing route in the South. With Gilles you know you’re going to find the adventure!

To me sea kayaking offers a unique perspective on the coastline, the sea and the life it hosts. It is such a great way to escape the buzz of modern life – once in your kayak you settle in another rhythm, the one imposed by the sea, the swell, the waves, the wind, the tide and the currents. You realign yourself with Nature and you can truly reconnect. I love to share my passion for Nature and the great outdoors through this peaceful sport and I love to build that group synergy on longer expeditions!

Gilles Denis

Coastal Guide

ISKGA - Advanced Guide/National Trainer
Module Date Trainer/Assessor Tick
Advanced Guide Observation 2015-03-26 Sea Kayaking Cornwall
VHF License 2014-04-02
Coaching BC Lvl 2 Coach, EPP Lvl 4 (Red) Assessor
First Aid 2015-02-15 NARS Beach Lifeguard
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