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Base of operation: St Agnes

Steve Fuller has kayaked since childhood both as a white water paddler and as a sea kayaker.  A long career in the Royal Navy fostered a deep love of the ocean in him and he now lives and paddles in beautiful west Cornwall.  In  2015 he kayaked solo and unsupported 500km along the south coast of England between Falmouth and Portsmouth and in 2016 kayaked 100km in 24 hrs – these two paddles raising over £10,000 for charities.  On leaving the Royal Navy in 2017 he set up and now runs Hook and Paddle, a company providing guided kayaking and kayak fishing trips in Cornwall.  Hook and Paddle specialises in providing bespoke trips for small groups where the focus is on delivering a unique experience for clients.  Steve is also the SW guide for the organisation Heroes on the Water UK, a charity providing rehabilitation for injured servicemen and women (and other public servants) through kayaking and kayak fishing.  He is a very successful tournament kayak angler and is angling prostaff / brand ambassador for American Tackle Inc.  Additionally, he is a Chartered Physicist and Member of the Institute of Physics; he is an expert in practical meteorology for outdoor activities.  When not kayak guiding or paddling / fishing for pleasure you will find him at his studio as he is also a professional pastel artist and sells his work through his gallery in St Agnes, Cornwall. 

A physicist seeks patterns from the smallest to the grandest  – from the vortices in the water from a paddle, through spiral weather systems to galaxies.  Sea Kayaking exposes me to existence in its rawest, untamed form and as a result brings me closer to the thread of beauty and truth that runs through the universe.  Whether that beauty takes the form of the flora and fauna, the interaction between land, air and sea or in the solitude and peace to be found alone on the ocean.  As a guide, safely showing others this beauty through the medium of kayaking is, to me, a privilege and a joy.

“The only one whom can whisper to you the ways of the wave is the wind”    -anon     “and also the stars”

Steve Fuller

Coastal Guide

ISKGA - Advanced Guide/National Trainer
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Advanced Guide Observation 2015-03-26 Sea Kayaking Cornwall
VHF License 2014-04-02
Coaching BC Lvl 2 Coach, EPP Lvl 4 (Red) Assessor
First Aid 2015-02-15 NARS Beach Lifeguard
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